Frequently Asked Questions

April 17, 2017
Can Administry help boost donations?

Yes! With Administry’s powerful reporting tools, you can show donors exactly where their money goes. Or you can show how needs have changed over time – for instance, you could pull a report to demonstrate how quickly requests for food assistance have increased over the past year.

Can Administry help create our annual reports?

Yes! With just a few keystrokes you can export all clients served this year, dollars pledged per assistance type, client visits per zip code, and so much more. Administry can even help you quickly pull your Christmas assistance lists each year.

Can I use Administry on my phone or tablet?

Yes, most features in Administry work great on mobile phones and tablets. Of course the smaller screens on these devices can make Administry harder to use, so we recommend doing most tasks on a computer if at all possible.

Can we import our historical data into Administry?

Yes! We do charge a nominal one-time fee for automatic data import and conversion services, however. No, not because we want to nickel-and-dime your ministry, but because importing data from so many different sources can be tricky. Our data specialists can import your Excel workbooks, text files, Access databases, and most other digital formats to get your agency up and running quickly.

Of course, you’re also welcome to manually add historical data into Administry free of charge.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes. It can be found by clicking here.

Does Administry offer customer support?

Yes!  We offer training for new agencies, and an extensive Help section is available online.  Users can submit support tickets from any page in Administry, and we strive to answer all support tickets within 24 hours (and usually much less!) We’re also constantly working to make Administry more useful. Browse our Release Page to stay up-to-date on new features and big fixes.

How does Administry help weed out abusers and con artists?

With Administry you can search your client history by address, phone number, name or email address to identify frequent flyers. Caseworkers can also write notes on client files to warn other caseworkers about questionable behavior. And your agency can choose to share client data with other local partner agencies to prevent duplicate pledges by keeping everyone on the same page.

How much does Administry cost?

Your agency can subscribe to Administry for about the cost of assisting one client per year. Various pricing options are available; please see our Pricing page for more details.

Is Administry safe to use?

Yes! Your data is protected by multiple layers of cutting-edge security protocol, and automated backups ensure client history is never lost, stolen, or corrupted. We never share your data with third parties either.

Is there special software to buy or install?

No – Administry is entirely web-based, meaning that you only need an internet browser to use Administry.

We already have a database for church members. Why do we need another one?

Using Administry keeps a “hard wall” between your sensitive pledge data and the rest of the information your church stores about its members. Plus, most church member databases (like ACS, Shelby, and CCB) make it difficult to quickly retrieve pledge history or run reports on your data.

We have volunteers who don’t like computers. Will they be able to use Administry?

We sure hope so! A fundamental principal behind Administry is that our software should be simple and straightforward to use. After all, it doesn’t matter how powerful the application is if nobody knows how to use it, right?  We strive to make Administry easy enough for the most novice of users – if your volunteers know how to check their email, they should be comfortable using Administry.

What happens to our data if we cancel our Administry account?

Your data belongs to you. Your agency can add, edit, delete, or transfer your data at any time. We’d hate to see you leave, but we promise that you can download all of your agency’s data free of charge at any time if you ever decide to cancel your Administry subscription.

What internet browser can I use?

For the best user experience, use Google Chrome, but Administry will work just fine with most modern browsers.

Still have questions?  Send us a note!