Release Notes (2.3.2)

(Release Date: September 10th, 2018)

This release includes a handful of minor updates:

Improved Login Security
We’ve made some important behind-the-scenes updates to our login process in order to provide the safest experience possible.

Duplicate Username and Email Checks
Users may no longer create duplicate usernames or register accounts with existing email addresses within the same agency.

Bug Fix:  (password reset)
Fixed an issue preventing administrators from resetting user passwords.

Bug Fix:  (duplicate homeless addresses)
Fix a bug that flagged homeless addresses as duplicates.

Bug Fix: Ticket 138 (saving phone types)
Fixed an issue preventing users from saving phone types on client profiles.

Bug Fix: Ticket 139 (network searching)
Fixed bug causing clients to be returned from Search regardless of whether or not the search extended network toggle was checked.