Release Notes (2.3)

(Release Date: July 22nd, 2018)

This release includes several major updates:

Custom Survey Questions
This release allows agencies to create custom fields to collect and track additional information about clients! Administrators and Data Managers can set up survey questions under the Edit Survey Questions section (found in the Clients menu), and these questions will be available on each client’s profile.  Look for the survey tab near the notes tab. Agencies may request reports on this data to be loaded in the Custom Reports section (released in version 2.2).  All survey questions must adhere to Administry’s Terms of Use.

Duplicate Address and Phone Number Alerts
Administry will now warn you if it detects clients using the same address or phone numbers Look for an indicator on client profiles, under the address list and the phone list for each client.

Add Resource Links
In addition to file uploads, the Resource List now includes a section for internet links. Administrators and Data Managers may add and remove links from the Resource List, and all other users will be able to view and visit links from the Resource List.  *** All St. Louis area SVDP agencies will see the Archdiocese Parish Finder Link added to their Resource List automatically. ***

EIN Number for Vendors
The Vendor Setup form now includes a field for the Vendor’s EIN.

Download your invoices
Administry invoices are now available for download at any time. Administrators can view their invoices on the Billing Info Screen, which can be loaded from the Administry Setup page.

Preparations for Event Calendar
Coming in the next release, the Event Calendar will allow your agency to schedule clients, caseworkers, rooms, and other resources. Version 2.3 includes some behind-the-scenes groundwork for this exciting new feature!