Release Notes (2.4)

(Release Date: January 1st, 2019)

This release includes some exciting new features!

Client Documents
Users can now upload files and attach them directly to client records!  Optionally, attach uploaded files to specific pledges as well.

CAR Report (SVDP agencies)
Use Administry’s new CAR Report to instantly compile CAR reports! Available in the Reports menu for Data Managers and Administrators.

Survey Question Search
Now users can search by Survey Question response on the Advanced Search page.

Bug Fix:  (Visit Box)
Fix a bug that prevented the home Visit box from displaying.

Bug Fix:  (On Call Calendar)
Fix a bug on the caseworker on call calendar that prevented users from editing on call assignments.

Bug Fix:  (Error Reporting)
Show more helpful diagnostic information for some errors.

Bug Fix:  (Service Setup)
Allow non-alphanumeric characters in names of Services.

Enhancement: Pledges
Add more information to the single pledge view.

Plus dozens of “behind the scenes” improvements designed to make Administry faster, safer, and easier to use!