Release Notes (2.0)

(Release Date: March 18th, 2018)

Introducing Administry 2 – a faster, safer, and more efficient way to manage your ministry.

Administry has been rewritten from the ground up to ensure a faster and safer user experience. Most of the upgrades are under the hood, so most users will see little to no difference in the way they use Administry. In fact, we anticipate many caseworkers may not even notice the update.

Administrators, however, will see a few notable changes –

Ledger Accounts are now called Funds.
To avoid confusion with user accounts, ledger accounts are now called Funds. They work just like they always have – funds are used as broad buckets to track expenses in your agency. Every vendor is assigned to a Fund, and pledges made to vendors are deducted from their respective funds. But now Funds are even more useful – you can track revenues by Fund, run reports on actual dollars spent, view net fund balances, and even record non-pledge transactions (such as conference dues, bank fees, etc).

Send emails to clients directly from Administry
Now caseworkers can send emails to clients directly from Administry without sharing their own personal email addresses.

Simpler Notifications for Admins
Reviewing and acting on Notifications is now easier and more streamlined. You still see alerts at the top of the screen, but now you can view all your notification details on one page.

More Reports
You can now view reports on pledged dollars or actual dollars spent. It also allows you to instantly check fund balances so you always know where you stand financially. Many report screens also got a face-lift, making them easier to use. Finally, several reports added the ability to analyze household members as well as clients.

Better Error Handling
Ever gotten a cryptic message from Administry you didn’t know how to interpret? Now Administry gives helpful error messages when things get wonky, as well as better behind-the-scenes error logging that helps Administry Support track down bugs.

On call statuses
Agencies can now use customized on-call statuses on the on-call calendar. Simply submit a support ticket to add a new status. New On-call statuses will also appear in the on-call indicators on the home page.

UI Tweaks
Several areas of Administry got a makeover, aimed at making the user interface simpler to use and more intuitive.  Also, some additional keyboard shortcuts have been enabled – for instance, you can now use the Enter key to submit forms.

Plus many more bug fixes and improvements!